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We Love Our Patients, Thankfully, the Feeling Is Mutual

Walking into a Dentist office with coffee breath is never easy, but in the corner of the waiting room was the shining glow of a Keurig machine with all the amenities. I immediately felt comfortable. Randy, the office assistant, was very patient with me as we discussed my imminent return from a long absence of visits from any building with a tooth in the window. CSPAN discussing politics on the TV was discouraging at first, but how else am I going to be informed of the news I could care less about. Stage right came a warm smile, as Ingrid pronounced my name right to follow her for my checkup. Nervous at first, the dozen or so bulletin board drawings from children stating how great Ingrid is quickly calmed me down. Then the sanitized bag o’ tools came out. Graciously, Ingrid comforted me and allowed me to listen to music to dull out the scraping noise of her craft. Topical solution was used to numb me out, as well as shut me up. Communication was easy, as every few minutes or so, the universal thumbs up sign was used to indicate I’m not being tortured. Following the intensive cleanings, I was given a cup of water to rinse and spit. It was then I realized, this wasn’t horrific at all. Dr. Asadi did her assessment of my inability to maintain perfect teeth and reassured me that nothing is impossible. Overall, this office, the staff, and Doc were the 3 Cs I look for in a dentist... Calm, cool, and comforting. I recommend anyone who is indifferent to come to their office and feel the sense of safety and security that I felt. I look forward to my next visit. Thank you!

Stephen Z.

I found Dr. Asadi through a random Internet search. I'm not usually so lucky with those, but she's turned out to be a great dentist. Some recent dentists I've used seem to over treat, suggesting procedures I don't necessarily need. Unlike these other dentists, I don't get the sense Dr. Asadi is trying to retire early based on my dental work. I've been super pleased with her work that I've recommended him to friends and family.

Steven F.

This is by far the best dental office I've been to! Dr. Asadi is very gentle and professional! She explains everything in the simplest way possible that anyone can understand! The whole staff is super friendly and make u feel comfortable during your whole visit! Very clean office and nicely organized. I will definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.

Patrick J.

I contacted an individual I respected in the profession for a recommendation for a female DDS. I was specific in requesting an exceptionally competent doctor who was respected in her field. Without hesitation, I was given Dr. Asadi's name. My initial phone call with Randy, Dr. Asadi's manager, provided me with positive energy! My next experience was with Ingrid, the "Gentle" Hygienist. My terror for this routine procedure dissipated under her exceptional care. My appointments with Dr. Asadi included experiencing her skills with different dental issues of mine and has left me confident that I am under quality care for any health issues I encounter. This office is professional and highly recommended for quality dentistry (and there's a private parking lot)!

C. Mercurio

Dr. Asadi and her staff are all kind and wonderful. My cleaning with Ingrid was comfortable and easy, and Dr. Asadi was able to provide beautiful bonding for my two front teeth. I would highly recommend!

Brooke F.

Dr. Asadi put me at ease and is so professional. She has taken care of dental issues that I had with no discomfort. She explains everything with as much detail as you want and is genuinely concerned for her patients. Her staff also is as wonderful as she is. I highly recommend Dr. Asadi. I only wish I discovered her years ago!

Nancy L.

Dr. Asadi and her staff are great. I needed a smile makeover for years and couldn’t trust anyone. Dr. Asadi did veneers on my teeth and what a change! Such a gorgeous job. I feel so great about myself and can smile with confidence again. I really appreciate what you did Dr. Asadi, You changed my life!

Susan M.

Everyone in this office is SO sweet and helpful, I wish I had found them years ago! Doctor Asadi is wonderful as well. I just had 3 separate visits (cleaning, X-rays, and fillings) and all went smoothly with zero pain. I would recommend them to anyone!

Jennifer M.

Dr. Asadi is a great doctor. She is so friendly and professional. She takes her time with her patients and thoroughly explains everything to make you feel comfortable. One of the best experiences I've had at a dental office. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Nathalie C.

Going to the dentist is never an easy task, that is why many people just neglect their teeth. Dr.Asadi is just one of those professionals, you wish you've met ages ago... She is totally balanced and focused. A perfectionist, and still empathic and caring. What else can you ask for? I consider myself lucky and do recommend her!

Alex O.

Dr. Asadi took the best care of my elderly mother. Dr. Asadi and her wonderfully caring staff made my mother feel comfortable during a very difficult procedure. Dr. Asadi is a perfectionist and did an excellent job. Thank you!

Mark L.

Thanks to Dr. Asadi for the great experience and quality work she has done on my teeth.No pain or problems with my extractions and she goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you understand what you should do with your teeth and mouth so you do not have future health risks. I found her to be very professional and truly caring about your oral health.

Fatemeh C.

Dr. Asadi is very friendly and professional. She does an excellent job. She is very clear and efficient. I would highly recommend doctor Asadi to anyone.

Widaly Q.

I have found Dr. Asadi to be extremely friendly, gentle, genuinely concerned with her patients, and professional in that she does quality work and tends to be conservative with her treatment plans (no unnecessary procedures).

Hristu S.

I am the kind of patient who sticks to the same doctor for at least 20 years! When my dentist retired, I was completely lost and started to panic when my teeth started to hurt. I asked all my trusted friends and relatives for their dentists and started to read their bios. I went to Dr. Asadi a couple of months ago and went back yesterday for my crown. She is not only a knowledgeable dentist but also a wonderful, super kind, compassionate and approachable lady. She apologized 10 times for numbing my mouth!!! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have la crème de la crème of dentists in NY.

Sara J.

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