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Riverdale Comprehensive Dentistry: Expert General Dentistry

If cosmetic dentistry targets how patients’ smiles look and how they feel about them, general dentistry is geared towards preventing the decay and infections that cause missing teeth and cavities. Semi-annual dental checkups are crucial to maintaining proper oral hygiene, making cosmetic dentistry becomes less needed. Six months of eating and drinking takes a toll on your smile. General dentistry enables the Bronx to leave our office with clean teeth and a cleaner bill of health. Riverdale Comprehensive Dentistry’s Dr. Shahla S. Asadi, DDS, has years of experience and the education needed to keep The Bronx healthy.

older man smiling

Your Semi-Annual Cleaning is Vital to Your Health

Throughout the year, the food you eat gathers on your teeth. While brushing twice a day and after meals is important, it doesn’t address built-up plaque and tartar, both of which contribute to a host of oral health issues our patients would rather avoid. General dentistry enables Dr. Asadi to screen for problems before they require expensive fixes. General dentistry includes:

Dental Cleanings

During your cleaning, we’ll examine your teeth and gums before cleaning the surface of each tooth, paying particular attention to areas commonly missed by everyday brushing and flossing. Once finished, we provide you with literature and send you home.


We use x-rays to get an accurate picture of your mouth’s bone structure, which can have adverse effects on your oral health if complications are left untreated.


Fillings are used to address teeth that have developed cavities. They’re evolved enough that there are now numerous options available, in terms of color and material.


Crowns are used to cover the top of a tooth when it has decayed; usually when a cavity is severe enough a filling won’t suffice on its own.

Riverdale Comprehensive Dentistry is For the Whole Family

In addition to top-notch general dental care, Riverdale Comprehensive Dentistry offers cosmetic and pediatric services. As a mother, Dr. Asadi believes in cultivating an environment that makes all patients feel comfortable and welcome, making our practice an ideal resource for dental care for the entire family.

Beautiful Smiles Begin Here!